Art-o-rama : The commitment of the CollezioneTaurisano, Interview with Sveva Taurisano

Art-o-rama’s support to emerging artists is stronger as ever especially following the pandemic crisis and facing uncertain period. Among the new prizes, the launch of « Because of many suns » Prize by CollezioneTaurisano really makes sense. 
The jury was composed of collectors Sveva Taurisano, Bruno Bolfo and independent curator Carolina Ciuti.
Because of Many Suns Prize by Collezione Taurisano was awarded to Anna Dot represented by Bombon projects, Barcelona.
The Prize for Art-o-rama’s Immaterial Salon was given to Mary Hurell represented by Nicoletti Contemporary, London for “Blush Response” (2021).
Alongside the acquisition, Collezione Taurisano is commissioning an emerging curator, art writer or researcher to write an essay on the creative practice of the winning artist.
I met Sveva Taurisano, co-founder of CollezioneTaurisano a few moments before the announcement of the prize.

What is the DNA of the Taurisano Collection ?

The Taurisano Collection is a family collection created by Francesco Taurisano my husband and myself and focused on artists whose practice involves social and political issues and profound understanding of the time(s) we live in. A large variety of artistic medium is considered since the message is the most important point for us along with starting a strong dialogue and relationship with the artist. This aspect is essential for the creation of a young and dynamic collection.

Nicoletti Contemporary Art-o-rama 2021

When was the starting point of the collection ?

Contemporary art is a shared passion which gathers Francesco and myself as a couple. Our first acquisition was a photography from the californian artist Leigh Ledare whose mother was a prostitute. He took photographs of her and had very difficult relationships. Even if the subject is personal, everyone has faced difficult relationships with his/her mother. That’s why we found it relevant and quite universal, as art should be.
Paulo Taurisano the father of my husband, was the initiator of the collection. He started collecting in the late 70ies artists dealing with social and political subjects of the time. The collection gathers now more than 400 works.

Bombon projects Art-o-rama 2021

Why did you decide to support Art-o-rama ?

It’s a long time since we are connected to Art-o-rama.

Having run a contemporary art gallery in Sicily and our foundation being located in southern Italy we have always appreciated the fair’s links with the Mediterranean scene and its curatorial approach. Its rigourous attention to emerging artists along with a special configuration was the ideal background for us. The presence of French cultural institutions very engaged was an additional criteria too as well as the public reception. Also we wanted to support Art-o-rama immaterial salon as a great effort to adapt to the current situation.

Can you explain us the choice of the title of the acquisition Prize « Because of Many Suns » ?

The tittle of the Prize has been created by the art collective Apparatus 22. The title is therefore an artwork itself. We want to support the artists in a way that directly speaks to them and not to us. That’s why we have decided also to give the granted works to cultural institutions.

What is your vision of art ?

In uncertain times of social transformation and misguided political actions that often lead to division and separation, art can provide a wake-up call for society at large by fostering dialogue between people and providing the tools for imagining new possible ways to (co)-inhabit our planet.

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