Art Brussels 2024 : Ruttkowski;68  Interview Nils Müller

Carlotta Bailly-Borg Restless, 2024 courtesy the artist, Ruttkowski;68

Founded in 2010 Ruttkowski;68 is a Cologne, Düsseldorf, New York and Paris-based art gallery. With the opening of additional locations, Ruttkowski;68 has expanded internationally in recent years. In 2018, a new gallery space opened in the heart of Paris’s Marais district, which stands for an ongoing exchange with French artists, such as Prosper Legault whose recent exhibition gave me the occasion to learn more about Ruttkowski;68. Participating to Art Brussels 40th edition, Nils Müller founder of Ruttkowski;68 is insisting on Belgian artistic scene appeal and geographic importance for the gallery. The gallery active participation in curatorial projects and international fairs explains its visibility and success according to him. 

Nils Müller Pic. Nils vom Lande

How would you describe Ruttkowski68’s DNA and ambitions ?

Nils Müller. Ruttkowski68’s DNA is characterized by a multifaceted approach to contemporary art, encompassing painting, time-based media art, sculpture, and installation. The gallery embraces a non-hierarchical perspective, valuing diverse artistic backgrounds and scenes. Its ambitions revolve around fostering an ever-evolving connection between high and low culture by representing a mix of emerging and established artists rooted in fine arts, fashion, pop culture, and youth movements.

Why did you decide to participate to Art Brussels 2024 ?

Ruttkowski68 decided to participate in Art Brussels 2024 to engage with a global audience and further expand its reach within the contemporary art world. Art Brussels provides an ideal platform for showcasing the gallery’s diverse roster of artists and their innovative works to collectors, enthusiasts, and industry professionals from around the world.

Henrik Godsk, Blue Eyed Traveller 2024 courtesy the artist, Ruttkowski;68

What will be the highlights of your proposal ?

The highlights of Ruttkowski68’s proposal for Art Brussels 2024 will include a curated selection of artworks that exemplify the gallery’s commitment to artistic excellence and experimentation. Expect to see thought-provoking sculptures and dynamic paintings that challenge perceptions and spark meaningful conversations. Our proposal features artists below:

Carlotta Bailly-Borg (FR), Eva Beresin (HU), Dennis Buck (DE), Sarah Caillard (FR), Philip Emde (DE), Henrik Godsk (DN), Michael Gunzer (DE), François Halard (FR), Prosper Legault (FR), Conny Maier (DE), Tessa Perutz (US), Frédéric Platéus (BE), Chris Succo (DE), Pablo Tomek (FR), Daniel Weissbach (DE)

Why is the Belgian scene so appealing ?

The Belgian art scene is appealing due to its rich cultural heritage, avant-garde spirit, and vibrant community of artists, curators, and collectors. Belgium’s openness to diverse artistic practices, its strategic location in Europe, and the presence of prestigious art institutions and events like Art Brussels make it an attractive hub for contemporary art. 

The Belgian market is also important to us. As a gallery that has its European outposts in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Paris, Belgium is in between our gallery locations. 

Exhibition view Ruttkowski;68 Paris Dennis Buck & Michael Günzer

What are the reasons for Ruttkowski68’s quick expansion and success ?

Ruttkowski68’s rapid expansion and success can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, its commitment to curating compelling exhibitions that bridge different artistic disciplines and scenes has helped build a strong reputation within the art world. Moreover, the gallery’s active participation in international art fairs across the Atlantic and engagement in curatorial projects like Mixed Pickles have further enhanced its visibility and contributed to its success over the past decade.

Practical Information :

Art Brussels 2024

April 25-28

Brussels Expo 

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Gallery actual show in Paris :

Dennis Buck & Michael Günzer

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8 Rue Charlot
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Special thanks to Ruttkowski;68′ s Paris director : Kason Chi 池家丞